Campus Services for Fellows

Student card

It is recommended that the referral be made through the secretariat that handles each unit.
After your academic registration (receipt of a study form) please bring the secretariat a photo (Facial image, photographed on a light and smooth background (preferably white).
If sent by mail, a JPG image file. Please add your first and last name in Hebrew and in English (due to character restriction it is not possible to print a card with several last names) And a 9-digit student number. 

Please fill this contact form for questions or if you want to set a pickup date for the ticket from the Goldsmith building on Mount Scopus.

Campus parking

Postdoctoral fellows are eligible to receive a parking ticket.
To obtain parking permission you will need to go to the security building with an ID card, vehicle license number and the letter of invitation from the dean.

E-mail Address

The e-mail address of the Hebrew University will only be opened after entering the scholarship into the computer system.
In case of a problem, please contact the helpdesk of the Computing Authority at 02-5883450
After receiving an e-mail address from the university, the student must open an ORCID account and associate it with the Hebrew University. If the student has an ORCID account, he or she must belong to the HUJI.


The Lerner Sports Center offers discounts to doctoral students. For details please call: 02-5881234.


The study scholarships do not include insurance payments such as social security, health insurance, etc.
The trainees must arrange these insurances themselves.
Postdoctoral students who are not Israeli residents must have health insurance while they are registered at the Hebrew University. Read more

Visas for trainees from abroad

Foreign fellows are required to obtain an A2 student visa prior to taking up the fellowship at the Hebrew University. 
For assistance in this matter, please contact Ms. Gal Lombrozo:, 02-5882924