Postdoctoral fellowships

The fellowhips for advanced training are intended to enable the trainee to devote his / her full time to the benefit of research and to the achievement of research independence. From time to time, scholarships are published in the scholarship database and awards are announced on the University's website as well as on the websites of the various faculties.
The terms of the scholarships are detailed in the postdoctoral fellowship regulations.


Postdoctoral Fellowships for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University

Most trainees receive funding from the research budgets of the supervising faculty member.
In addition, an application can be submitted to a university committee. The committee awards scholarships from two sources:

  • Lady Davis Foundation
  • Sources of the Rector (Golda Meir Foundation, Kranzberg Foundation, Bulag Foundation, etc.)

Terms and Conditions

Application for one of the above two sources (application needs to be made by the end of December of the previous year)


Postgraduate scholarships for immigrants from the Ministry of Absorption

Scholarship application process for a returning scientist (post-doctoral) from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption:
Step A - The scientist must contact the Ministry of Absorption (email addresses below – according to field of expertise) to declare his / her return, and to receive recognition as a returning / immigrant scientist.
Humanities and Social Sciences- Revital Einstein - 
Life Sciences and Medicine - Ella Bodnov - 
Exact Sciences - Marina Lashchiber - 
Step B - The scientist and his / her supervisor must fill out Part B of the application form and sign it (attached). The person in charge must undertake to complete the scholarship (matching) to the scientist (minimum 36,000 NIS per year in the amount of 100%) (the scholarship can be extended for an additional year). Please attach the following documents: resume, doctoral certificate, list of publications, research program, and a letter of invitation from the supervisor.
Mr. Harout Baghamian from the Rector’s office will have the Rector sign on the third part of the form which will then be sent with all other documents to the Ministry of Absorption
Step C - The Ministry of Absorption will send 3 copies of the agreement to Harout who will then have them signed by the scientist, the dean / school principal, the head of the Academic Administration, the university accountant and an authorized signatory from the legal bureau. Harout will forward the signed copies to Ms. Yael Lantzman of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption - 
Step D - After sending the agreement, Harout will report to the dean / school principal, the scientist, the faculty / unit accountant, the Department of Budgets and Economics (Limor Cohen) and the R&D Authority (Sarit Ben Senior) and request that a budget be opened. When a copy of the agreement is signed and approved by the director of the Center for Absorption in Science (Ms. Granit Ben Ezra), Harout will send it to the relevant bodies at the university.
Scholarship application form from the Ministry of Absorption for postdoctoral students
For details, please contact Sarah Abed-Rabbo   02-5881351

Other scholarships

For postgraduate studies at the Hebrew University, you can also receive a scholarship (independently submitted) for one of the following programs:

  • Zuckerman Scholarships for Advanced Study at the Hebrew University - Published on the website of the International Authority.
  • Martin Buber Fellows at the Hebrew University
  • Azrieli Foundation (for holders of Canadian citizenship)
  • The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace
  • Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Advanced Humanities
  • Mandel Scholion Center
  • Minerva Center for Human Rights