What we do


The Academic Administration assists the Rector in carrying out academic policy as well as overseeing, directing and coordinating the University's academic administration activities. Beyond this formal definition of its role, the Academic Administration deals with a very wide range of administrative-academic issues.

Issues dealt with by the Academic Administration

  • Concentration of the University's top academic bodies: the Standing Committee of the Senate, the Senate, the Academic Policy Committee, the Supreme Appointments Committee and the monitoring of their decisions.
  • Appointment procedures, promotions and tenure of academic staff
  • University academic policies
  • University Doctoral Students through the Research Students Authority
  • Sabbaticals, vacations and training courses for academic staff
  • Administrative concentration of academic monitoring committees
  • Honorary doctor degrees
  • Studying abroad (Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students)
  • New academic staff
  • New scientists
  • University academic guests - professors, postdoctoral fellows and other scientists
  • Academic faculty discipline
  • Student discipline and prosecution in hearings of the disciplinary bodies
  • Academic Calendar
  • Funds, awards and special scholarships for advanced students
  •  Academic Degrees and Certificates