Ethics and Discipline

The Disciplinary Committee for University Students

The Disciplinary Committee for University Students consists of two bodies:

A. The Disciplinary Officer and the Deputy Disciplinary Officer. The hearings are usually held before them, resulting in a single verdict.

B. Court of Appeals - The Appeals Committee for Decisions of the Disciplinary Commissioner and his deputies. This committee consists of six faculty members and two representatives of the Student Union; The deliberations of the Appeals Committee take place in a composition of three - two faculty members and a student representative. The University Student Discipline Regulations regulate the activities of the students' disciplinary committee.

The students’ disciplinary regulations are  to ensure the integrity of the students’ academic achievements and the credibility of their research (especially in the graduate degrees); to protect the dignity and rights of all members of the university community; to promote respectful relationships between student and student, student and teacher, and student and staff in order to protect each person’s property and to maintain public order, which is a condition for the proper functioning of the institution. The disciplinary policy is intended to prepare students in advance of correct behavior, and to inform them of how violations of the rules will be dealt with in retrospect. The regulations define the acts and omissions that will be considered disciplinary offenses, determine the expected penalties for those who commit these offenses, and regulate the disciplinary proceedings.

Disciplinary Regulations


Contact Information

Coordinator:  Ms. Sagit Aharon, 02-5882934