Support for a returning/immigrant scientist (post-doctoral)

Scholarship application process for a returning scientist (post-doctoral) from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption


Step 1 - The scientist should contact the Ministry of Absorption (email addresses below - by field) to declare his / her return, and to receive recognition as a returning / new immigrant scientist.

Humanities and Social Sciences - Revital Einstein -  

Life Sciences and Medicine - Ella Bodnov -

Exact Sciences - Marina Lashchiber -

Step 2 - The scientist and his / her supervisor should fill out Part B of the application form and sign it (attached). The supervisor will commit to financing (matching) the scholarship (a minimum of 36,000 NIS per year, a 100% coverage) (the scholarship can be extended for an additional year). The following documents should be attached: resume, doctoral certificate, list of publications, research plan, letter of invitation from the supervisor.

Harout, from the Rector’s office will attach the Rector’s signature to the third part of the form and then send it with all additional documents to the Ministry of Absorption.

Step 3 - The Ministry of Absorption will return the contract to Harout who will then have 3 copies signed by the post-doc scientist, the faculty dean/ school head, the University’s academic director of accounting, the academic secretary and the legal bureau. All three signed copies will then be sent to the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption to Ms. Yael Lantzman -

Step 4 - After sending the agreement, Harout will report to the faculty dean / school head, the scholarship holder, the faculty / unit accountant, the budget and economics department (Limor Cohen) and the R&D authority (Sarit Ben-Senior) and request that a budget be opened for the scholarship. When a copy of the agreement is signed and approved by the director of the Center for Absorption in Science (Ms. Granit Ben Ezra), Harout will send it to the relevant bodies at the university.
For details: Harout Baghamian 02-5881351